Hajj 2016 – 1437H Packages


Hajj Package 6B

  • 4 Star Elaf Taibah in Medina
  • 5 Star Hilton Suites Makkah
  • North American Mena Camp
  • Starting from $ 6,990*

    Package Prices:

    • Quad – $6,990*
    • Triple – $7,290*
    • Double- $7,790*

    Travel Dates

    Tentative departure from the US September 1,2016.

    Tentative departure from Saudi Arabia September 20/21, 2016.

    Madina First: Four Nights (2 – 6 Sep) (1Zh – 5ZH)

    Accommodation: Elaf Taibah at the Haram boundary.

    Food: Breakfast open buffet served at the hotel.

    Manasek & Azzizia – Second 7 – 15 Sep. (6 – 14 ZH)

    Azzizia: ‘Apartment Style’ Building close to Jamarat. The rooms will be available for your comfort during Manasek. No transportation is provided. Area is a short walk from modern shops and restaurants.

    Mena Accommodation: North American Camp. Upgraded air-conditioned tents with sofa bed.

    Breakfast box meals will be served (10-12ZH). Dinner box meals will be served (8-11ZH).

    Arafa in North American tents.

    Food: One hot meal will be served in Arafat.

    Makkah Third: Five Nights 15 Sep – 21 Sep

    Accommodation: Hilton Suites Hotel (5-Stars) at the Haram boundary. 15 Sep – 21 Sep.(14ZH – 20 ZH)

    Food: Breakfast open buffet served at the hotel.


    Upgraded Government Air-conditioned bus for transportation Medina to Makkah.

    Government Air-conditioned bus for transportation in Makkah and Manasik.

    Muslim Scholars will accompany the group.

    Visit to historic sites at Medina.

    Travel dates may vary by one day according to the selected flights.

    Specialized Mena and Arafat services are based on Saudi Authorities approval.

    Hajj package does not include:

      • Hajj checks paid to the Unified Agent Office and Visa processing ($ 300 expected cost)
      • Prices are based on travel from JFK gateway. Other gateways are available based on your departure city. Extra fees will be charged.
      • Cost of zabiha/sacrifice (Expected $150)
      • Any additional charges related to stopover to other destinations other than Saudi Arabia.

    Terms & Conditions

  • (All hajj clients are required to read and e-sign the terms and conditions)